All Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is collision panel repair, but not all collision panel repair is PDR.

While PDR makes up a large portion of what you need to be as efficient and profitable as possible, there’s a few gaps that need filling. That’s where the NexGenPro Collision Panel Repair training courses come in. 

As the best in the auto body repair game, NexGenPro’s training curriculum is focused on ensuring that you have everything you need to find success in this rapidly growing industry. That means PDR and everything in between.

The Benefits of Collision Panel Repair

There’s a reason the experts at NexGenPro Training & Equipment focus on honing their skills in the art of PDR (paintless dent repair) and Collision Panel Repair. It’s because the speed and efficiency of these tools and techniques is unmatched. 

No needing to wait on parts from the manufacturer. No value reduction for not using OEM parts and paint. With the right tools and the best Collision Panel Repair training there is, you can remove dents and dings and return panels to factory condition in no time at all. In doing so, you reduce your dependence on outside parties as well as the time it takes for you to get your client’s vehicle out the door and get paid for your service, say nothing of all the return business.

Suffice it to say there’s a great reason that Collision Panel Repair and PDR are quickly coming up as the hottest skills in the industry. With the right certification and some dedication, you’re sure to start turning jaw-dropping profits in no time!

collision panel repair training

What Sets the NexGenPro Panel Repair Training Program Apart

When it comes to training programs, not all are created equal. At NexGenPro Training & Equipment, we have developed a training program that stands out from the rest. But what makes our training program so unique?

Industry-Relevant Training Curriculum: As a Colorado-based company, we know firsthand the challenges that auto repair shops face in areas with frequent hailstorms and other major environmental factors. When mother nature hits, she hits hard, and before you know it you’re backed up with every car in the region. In times like this, pointless training curriculum will get you nowhere. That’s why the NexGenPro system focuses on honing your skills as a repair technician – making flawless repairs in no time flat. That means quick turnaround times, happy customers, and sustainable profits. 

Hands-On Training: At NexGenPro Training & Equipment, we believe that hands-on training is essential for mastering collision panel repair and paintless dent repair (PDR). That’s why our training program includes plenty of practical, real-world experience. Our instructors are experienced professionals who will guide you through the techniques and best practices for collision panel repairs, hail damage, or whatever else you may face. You’ll have the opportunity to work on actual damaged vehicles, giving you valuable hands-on skills that will prepare you for any job, no matter where your career takes you.

Cutting-Edge Techniques and Technology: The automotive industry is constantly evolving, and we believe in staying ahead of the curve. Our training programs incorporate the latest techniques and technology for collision panel repair and PDR training. You will learn how to use advanced tools and equipment to achieve flawless repairs that meet industry standards.

Our Collision Panel Repair Training Curriculum

NexGenPro’s Collision Panel Repair training is designed to help you master the art of transforming light to severe damage into a factory-finished panel without the need for new parts or wasted time. Moreover, it is designed to do so using our superior Miracle Pro panel repair toolkits, as this is key for anyone to become the absolute best in the field.

Below are our training courses that provide an in-depth and hands-on instruction in the use of the Miracle Pro system. While these are fantastic training courses that are great for taking a guided look at the best equipment in the industry, our PDR Master 12-Week course is highly recommended for an all inclusive training curriculum and the best Collision Panel Repair and PDR training there is. What’s more, please keep in mind that you will NOT be able to receive your PDR certification from these training courses. 

NexGenPro Training & Equipment Brings You the Best Panel Repair Tools in the Industry

The CBR COMBO360 is a comprehensive panel repair solution that combines the power of Miracle pullers, Aluminum & Steel welders, and Glue system equipment in a single package. With this versatile tool, keys can be strategically tacked, welded, or glued onto the panel, while a system utilizing leverage and pullers efficiently restores the metal back into its original position. This powerful tool ensures a seamless and efficient repair process for automotive professionals.

CBRGLUE360 incorporates the Miracle pulling equipment, employing a technique known as “Glue Pull Repair” (GPR) to precisely restore sections of the panel using our exclusive glue tabs. This method offers a high level of accuracy and effectiveness in pulling back the panel into its original position.

The NexGenPro Training & Equipment Promise

When you thrive, we thrive. That’s why at NexGenPro Training & Equipment, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the absolute best in Collision Panel Repair and PDR training. We are constantly keeping ahead of the curb in terms of our excellent training curriculum and state-of-the-art toolkits, and improving your skill as a collision panel repair and PDR technician. Because it’s more than just a training certification: it’s a skillset that is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. 

NexGenPro Training & Equipment – Your Expert in Paintless Dent Removal & Collision Panel Repair Training