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Profitable Miracle Glue Repairs for Shops, PDR Techs, and Insurers

Written By: A.W.W. Barry

In the auto body repair industry, the market is constantly shifting with innovation and the changing demands of the market. With the Great Resignation, prices and wait-times are at an all-time high, rendering traditional methods of panel replacement unreasonable for repair centers and their clients.

Traditionally the plan is what? Upscale! Boost headcount! Ad campaign! Spend money to make money. But that’s not the way the world works anymore.

In today’s market, it’s about working smart, not hard, no matter what industry you’re in. In auto body repair, the Miracle Glue system is the embodiment of that philosophy, which is why it’s utilized in the everyday practice of the NexGenPro system of panel repair.


Cost of Traditional Repair

Traditional methods of repair just don’t hold up like they used to anymore.

Since the pandemic, distributors can’t be counted on to have every part in stock anymore. Meanwhile delivery of parts now comes with legendary wait periods, and that’s to say nothing of
those for foreign vehicles.

Low stock and unchained demand means higher prices and greater wait times. All the while, insurance companies certainly haven’t increased their willingness to pay out more money for
repairs. So if you’re a small shop owner, what do you do to keep ahead of the curve? Spend more on staff? Advertisement?

Innovation is always a solid path to success in the business world, and a sustainable one to boot. In this regard, more auto body repair facilities than ever have begun to adopt Paintless Dent Repair systems.


Transition to Paintless Dent Repair

Here’s one idea: instead of spending money to make money, spend money to save money–or rather, boost turnaround while minimizing costs. In the auto body repair industry, nothing does
so more effectively than Paintless Dent Repair (PDR).

By using techniques that focus on preserving the original panel rather than replacing it, PDR comes with a number of advantages, especially in the modern market. Typically, PDR procedures take place in front of the panels, without the need for dismemberment of parts. One such device welds tabs to tactical locations on the damaged panel (located through trained eyes and specialized UV lights), while others pull those tabs back into perfect place with ease. This means less time waiting for the delivery of new parts, less trying to anticipate what the distributor has in stock, and less money and time spent on complex and invasive procedures.

One method of panel damage repair however, takes this preservation tactic one step further.


Miracle Glue Saves Money Where PDR Can’t

Truth is, experts are still hesitant to even classify the original method, called Glue Pull Repair (GPR), as a method of PDR, since technicians who specialize in it spend years perfecting their
use of the equipment. Meanwhile, using GPR for the same precision work requires the same training, making it impractical until recently.

However, that’s one more outdated notion that’s changing with innovation like Miracle Glue–not to mention the NexGenPro training program that specializes in the use of all Miracle Pro
technology as a whole.

Miracle Glue equipment is crafted from a unique alloy with a design that specializes in carrying out precision work with the use of tactically placed glue strips. The procedure is simple in the hands of well-trained technicians, and more importantly non-invasive, since it allows for pulling directly from the front of the panel. This is typical for any GPR system, which is what makes it so full of potential.

What’s more, GPR systems are able to remove dents without damaging any internal factors such as insulation, wiring, or sensors. Meanwhile, other PDR methods might call for welding keys into the panel to pull the damaged area, which can cause further damage.

From this, you can imagine the potential of GPR for PDR. Miracle Glue lives up to that potential with a state of the art design that allows it to remove damage with enough precision to be effective, yet gentle enough to preserve OEM paint. This makes using it as a PDR tool not only a possibility, but a preference. However, ample training is still required, which is where NexGenPro comes in.


NexGenPro Training

We at NexGenPro didn’t invent Miracle Glue or the Miracle Pro Panel Repair System, but we use it like no one’s business–except for ours that is! As a company that prides itself on killing it
with the Miracle system on a day-to-day basis, no one uses or makes panel repair equipment like we do, Period!

Self-inspired, we were soon led to the inevitable conclusion of the founding of our NexGenPro equipment academy, which will soon be opening at our state-of-the-art location in Centennial Colorado. Whether you’re an upscaling business owner or a technician who’s trying to stay on top of your game, NexGenPro is the one-stop place to learn PDR and panel damage repair using the most innovative system in the world – the Miracle Pro system.


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