Collision TRAINING

3 Days (24 Hrs)
3 Days (24 Hrs)

Cost: $1,800.00

Includes tool package

Advantages of the Miracle panel repair system:

Insurance companies love the Miracle Panel Repair System for steel panels due to its cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and positive impact on the repair process! 

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Miracle System Steel Panel Repair

  1. What is the Miracle System Steel Panel Repair?

    • The Miracle System is a comprehensive concept in panel repair tools that has evolved over 30 years. It originated in Japan and has been refined to perfection.
    • This system is designed specifically for repairing steel panels, making it ideal for addressing dents, dings, and other damage.
  2. Benefits of the Miracle System Steel Panel Repair:

    • Increased Labor Efficiency: By using this system, you can achieve more within each repair job, reducing the need for panel replacement. This translates to bigger profits.
    • Faster Repair Process: The Miracle System speeds up the repair process, allowing you to turn repairs around more quickly.
    • Improved Workshop Throughput: It enhances workshop efficiency and reduces job cycle times.
    • Minimized Strip and Refit: With precise repairs, you minimize the need for extensive disassembly and reassembly.
  3. Tools and Consumables:

    • The Miracle System includes a range of tools and consumables, such as steel stud welders, aluminum stud welders, easy pullers, strong pullers, and more.
    • These tools are essential for achieving high-quality results in steel panel repair.

The Miracle Glue System

    1. Purpose: The Miracle Glue kit is designed for paintless dent repair using a technique called glue pulling. It allows you to pre-pull the panel, reducing large damages before removing any paint.

    2. Glue Pads: The system utilizes large surface area glue pads that minimize stretching. With proper cleaning, these glue pads can be reused multiple times.

    3. Benefits:

      • Profitable: The Miracle System offers profitable, high-quality, and fast turnaround panel repair.
      • Speed: It speeds up the repair process.
      • Labor Efficiency: Increases the element of labor within each repair job.
      • Reduces Panel Replacement: Minimizes the need for panel replacement.

Course mission

Produce Miracle System technicians that demonstrate the level of skill and expertise required to meet emerging industry standards.

Establish industry certification that credential high levels of expertise required to produce flawless repairs, ready for factory inspection.

career / job title

Collision/Body Repair Technician

NexGenPro PDR Certified Technician


The system of panel repair tools allows the technician to make a quality repair to the original sheet metal of your vehicle. When the inner structure of your vehicle is undamaged, this is a much better repair than replacing a panel. The only thing better than a new panel is the original

Course competencies:

What is Miracle System

What is CBRCombo360/CBRGlue360

Elastic distortion – Releasing tension

Conventional Repairs

Repairs by Miracle System

Miracle Strong Puller – Mechanics

Lock and Planish with Miracle Puller

Welding Miracle Bits on to Panel

Controlled pulling without Mushrooms

Checking level Gauge

Repairs with 1250mm line puller

Repairs with 1650mm line puller

Welding bits on to the panel

Press Lines

Scratches and scrapes

Wide and long hole

Miracle bit cutter/Miracle sanders

Washer welding tip

Point shrinking tip

Spot welding tip

Carbon tip

Roll patching tip

Grounding technique

Correct foot placement

Easy Puller technique and Isolation

AiroPower Pulling

Miracle Aluminum – Lift Arc the original pulling technology

Plastic damage repair with Miracle