glue pulling
& blending

3 Days (24 Hrs)

glue pulling & blending

Design Summary: 3 DAYS (24 HRS)


Includes tool package​

Instructional level / Technical Certificate

career / job title

Paintless Dent Repair Technician - Collision Body Tech

Paintless Dent Repair Sub-Contractor

NexGenPro Certified PDR Technician

Master PDR Technician


Paintless Dent Repair Glue pulling & blending is the specialized artistic process of lifting the damaged area and re-texturizing the paint flow of the original OEM finish.

COURSE mission

Produce NexGenPro Combo Certified Techniciant that demonstrates the level of skill and expertise required to meet emerging industry standards.

Establish industry certification that credentials high levels of expertise required to produce flawless repairs, ready for factory inspection.

Develop and maintain programs curriculum based on performance-based learning principles, resulting in documented competency attainment according to current industry quality

Course competencies:

Mastering large/extreme dents

Creases and Pressure Dent Repairing

Blending Uni–side rails

Blending and retexturizing a panel

Introduction to Glue pulling lifters

Introduction to slide hammers

Introduction to adhesives and pulling tabs

Glue temperatures and techniques

Preparation is the secret in all tabs

Importance of PDR in GPR

Miracle GPR and Collision

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