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Inertia Law in Miracle Panel Repair

Written By: A.W.W. Barry

Imagine if you will: you’re cruising around running errands on your day off. It’s a beautiful day and you’re on autopilot, driving like the car was an extension of your own legs, both an object in
motion and an immovable force. In fact, you’re so zoned out, that you’re taken completely by surprise when you’re rear-ended out of the blue by yet another unstoppable force. The wheel shakes, your head thrashes, and the air fills with the sound of tearing metal.

This is what is called “The Law of Inertia” in motion (no pun intended). In fact, this law concerning the motion of bodies plays a daily part in the auto body repair industry and the hail and collision damage that keeps repair facilities like ours in steady business.

So really, the Law of Inertia sounds like a force of evil in this case doesn’t it? But what if that same law of force and motion was applied to the repair process as well?

But before we get into this, what exactly is the Law of Inertia, and how does a law of motion play into the auto repair industry– or more specifically, in methods of vehicle panel repair?


The Development of the Law of Inertia

First used as a formulaic notion to explain horizontal motion on the Earth, the Law of Inertia was initially dubbed by Galileo Galilei, an astronomer and engineer of the Italian Renaissance. Though it was earlier believed that a direct cause was required to create horizontal motion, it was determined by the ancient physicist that a body in motion would remain in motion.

This law was later adapted by Sir Isaac Newton into his 3 laws of motion: “if a body is at rest or moving at a constant speed in a straight line, it will remain at rest or keep moving in a straight line at constant speed unless it is acted upon by a force,” such as friction, gravity, or another body. I.E. The car.


A More Modern Application for the Law of Inertia

Whether it’s from crashing or just hitting the brakes too hard, inertia is what causes your roll and that of the other driver to stop suddenly, and what causes objects inside of the vehicles to

continue their movement as they’re thrown about. And since this force builds with speed, these motions can go from a quick jerk to being thrown about like a ragdoll.

The fallout of this application of inertia? Catastrophic damage for one–thousands of dollars worth of damage to the exterior panels, not to mention the numerous components that go into said panels. After all, it’s not all metal in there: especially in newer vehicles models, panels are filled with insulation, wiring, and sensors, as well as layers of expensive coating and sensors on the outside of the panel. And that’s to say nothing of the potential property damage and whiplash.

Okay, so inertia plays a big part in the accidents that bring repair facilities like us our business in the first place. But how exactly does it play into the solution for this?

The Miracle Panel Repair system is the answer.


How Inertia Inspired Development of the Miracle Panel Repair System

How does inertia play into the Miracle Panel Repair system?

For us, the Law of Inertia has played a pivotal role in the development of the Miracle Panel repair equipment over 30 years ago. Like many other new age panel repair systems coming out, namely those that specialize in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), the goal is to move away from full-scale disassembly and replacement of parts.

The Miracle Pro system uses inertia by utilizing a calibrated force from the outside of the panel, reverse-engineering and pinpointing where the initial force of the damage was made, then using our own pull-based force to realign the metal.
And that’s not the only way the Miracle Pro system utilizes the concept of inertia. Because what is inertia? An unstoppable object in motion will remain in motion until what? It meets an immovable force.

The Miracle system is in itself an immovable force – an all encompassing system of panel repair that utilizes the best of PDR, Glue Pulling, and the latest in technology that makes panel repair quick and simple. What’s more, these systems are made from only the toughest proprietary blend of Aluminum, Titanium, and Vanadium – creating the strength and power for a lifetime use – Miracle Pro.


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Written By: A.W.W. Barry Imagine if you will: you’re cruising around running errands on your day off. It’s a beautiful day and you’re on autopilot,