NexGenPro Elevates Miracle Panel Repair

Written By: A.W.W. Barry

There’s a good reason that no one makes panel repair tools the way we do – Period! For the NexGenPro system of repair, the Miracle System Panel Repair Equipment is pivotal. It is the culmination of more than 30 years of experience and technological innovation in the global auto body repair industry, from Japan to the United States. And as it’s #1 distributor in America, no one is a bigger advocate of the system’s dependability.


Origin of the Miracle Panel Repair System

The repair method was first founded by Miracle Steel around the turn of the century in Japan. Forged from a proprietary formula of titanium and aluminum, the Miracle Panel Repair System was designed to be as versatile as it was durable and long-lasting. Since the system’s conception, many exterior panel repair kits have been created with this foundational model in mind. Yet, despite having some of the most prominent industry experts and technicians in the world from Germany to the US, every single one has fallen short – and for one simple reason. Rather than being created from an in-depth comprehension of panel repair, these copycat systems are built solely with cost efficiency in mind. The result is a lesser quality carbon fiber product that doesn’t hold a candle to the features or durability of the original.
This is why AutoStream360 and NexGenPro stand by the true-blue Miracle Panel Repair System through thick and thin. Because anything else just can’t hold up to our impossibly high standard of quality repairs.


The Miracle Panel Repair System Today

The system is made for aluminum, steel, and glue pulling substrates – specializing in the repair of light, moderate, and heavy damage. Today the original design has been expanded into 3 sections of products. The first is the flagship system: Miracle Steel tool and repair kits. Then later introduced was Miracle Aluminum – a system of welding keys and pulling the damaged area into place, and glue pulling – using glue pads to pull damages without damaging the paint.
Okay, so you’ve gathered that the Miracle Panel Repair System is an impressive system – maybe even the best in the world. But if they’ve been killing the game for well over 3 decades, how does this pertain to today?

The truth is that our need for the Miracle Repair System has never been greater – as a singular business and as an industry overall. With supply chains still in disarray, waiting for distributors to
acquire and provide necessary parts has never been more troublesome or costly. The traditional method of replacing old parts and paint is becoming increasingly obsolete in the modern market
and those who cling to it are falling behind. There is a striking need for a long-term solution and innovating the technology to preserve and revitalize those old parts is just that – ergo, the Miracle Panel Repair System, the original and the best design in the industry.


Why the Miracle Panel Repair System is the Key to NexGenPro

Since the method of repair was first designed 30 years ago, our PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) and hail damage repair facility AutoStream360 has grown alongside it, never faltering in our advocacy of its efficiency or dependability. Now, we are currently in the midst of releasing our NexGenPro Training & Equipment School, which centers around our decades-long expertise in PDR and use of the Miracle Panel Repair System. And why may you ask?
Because we stand by our product, not only as distributors but as experts in the industry. Moreover, because we wouldn’t be the lean, mean, auto body repair machine that we are today without it. Due to the unending demand for our services in the unpredictable Colorado highlands, our company AutoStream360 was able to pay off the costs of our Miracle Panel Repair kits in just a short 3 months.
Ever since, we’ve never had to buy new equipment – only add to our Miracle Panel Repair department, which now takes up more than 700 square feet! More importantly, it is thanks to this product that we are able to crank out flawless repairs of any caliber at groundbreaking speeds and savings, using both the pinnacle of panel repair and PDR technology.
The Miracle System created not only a revolutionary repair kit design, but also a revolutionary approach that centers around bringing old parts back to life rather than installing new ones. With current market conditions, this is an approach that is gaining astounding traction and demand. To adapt and maintain relevance, more and more technicians and shop owners have been pivoting towards panel repair. If you intend to do the same, you may as well go straight to the best method of repair – and there’s no better than the Miracle System! And as for learning the ins and outs, there’s no one more suited to educate than the soon-to-be-opened NexGenPro Training & Equipment School!
Because no one makes panel repair tools the way we do – Period!


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