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The Use of Lighting In GPR and Miracle Glue

Written By: A.W.W. Barry

The Miracle Glue System is the panel repair system that’s taking glue pulling to the next level with flawless, quick, and noninvasive restorations. And as the #1 distributor of the Japanese-made Miracle Pro System in the United States, there is no one who uses or makes better panel repair tools than NexGenPro, period! When these 2 come together, the result is magic.

So what’s in the secret sauce that makes the NexGenPro system of repair a cut above the rest?

Believe it or not, it’s all about the lighting – those used as tools as well as those in the overall facility. Having the right lighting available at every conceivable angle is imperative for helping our technicians make the most absolutely precise pulls down to a microscopic level.

However, to further understand this, some background context is necessary.


What separates Miracle Glue as a PDR method

The glue pull method stands apart from other methods in a slew of ways. When it comes to welding key tabs, there’s no comparison.

In the NexGen operation, welding on keys to pull damage is commonly reserved for extreme damage areas, since it’s necessary to punch holes in the panel in order to get behind it and pull. While these holes aren’t anything to cry about, your technician can’t very well return your car to you riddled with them – so filling will be required. Then afterwards there’s wet sanding, primer application, and of course the process of selecting and applying the finishing coats, followed by reinstallation of any vital components that may have been damaged in the process (wiring, insulation, sensors, etc.). All of these things cost the repair facility, and thus the customer, extra time and money.

Miracle glue does away with all of this hassle, and – thanks to the perpetual innovation that defines all Miracle Pro products – is capable of repairing even larger dents than ever! Using a system of hooks and glue pads, the NexGenPro Miracle glue pull system is able to remove moderate to severe damage in a way that is non-invasive and causes no further damage to the panel or its components, including the finishing and clear coats. Even the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) paint can be restored to pre factory condition along with the panel with the right handling.


The importance of precision lighting in glue pulling

Throughout glue pulling, and really any of our NexGenPro repair processes, having the right lighting and lighting equipment is paramount for our technicians to see where they are and plan
their next moves accordingly, from the first step to the last.
Starting with estimation, precision lighting is the backbone of the entire operation. Obviously, having a facility that is well-lit overall is a must for anyone in the industry. If you can’t see, you can’t work. On top of that, our technicians need to use tactical LED shop lights to provide even more direct light sources in whatever position is needed.

In the earlier stages, these shop lights allow our technicians to assess the location and extent of the damage in question. This is key for 2 reasons. One, it helps us deliver an absolutely precise estimate to our clients every time. Two, it helps our technicians to determine the exact point of damage, which lies at the center of key crowns and low spots in the damaged metal.
To this end, finding the right angle and position of the light is imperative for distinguishing imperfections, which is why mere stationery light simply won’t do the trick. Then once the center of these points is located, the equipment is calibrated and a strategic pull is initiated. If made from the correct location, the majority of the damage should be corrected in a single motion. From here, the light is used to correct any remaining damage in a similar manner with pinpoint accuracy.


Other use of lights

Again, having peerless facility lighting is key for any auto body repair shop, which is why all NexGenPro facilities (namely our AutoStream360 service center and new NexGenPro school for panel repair) are suited up with innovative environment control and lighting.

With this and our state-of-the-art shop lights, the NexGenPro system of repair also utilizes a selection of various sized lights for different purposes. This way, we are guaranteed to make flawless repairs, every time. There’s a reason we’re the best in the game after all.

To get a better understanding of glue pulling, use of tactical lighting, and all the rest of the most innovative panel repair systems in the world offered by Miracle, stay tuned for updates, new blogs, and the upcoming grand unveiling of our NexGenPro panel repair academy. Because no one uses or makes panel repair tools like we do, Period!


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