What Is The NexGenPro Miracle Glue Panel Repair System?

Written By: A.W.W. Barry

The new world in which we find ourselves feels as though it’s upside down at times – time seems to move faster, we’ve learned to adjust things in our lives based on what’s available or in-stock, and even TV and movies seem to have a different air about them. This is especially so for the professional sector, across every industry – for better or worse.
Just look at the automotive body repair industry, which has been innovating for the better of late: more and more repair facilities are having to pivot away from the traditional method of replacing
damaged parts and paints with new ones. Now methods that revolve around the preservation of those paints and parts are becoming a central part of keeping up with unchanged demand and broken supply chains, such as Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). It’s why some brands have based their entire business models on such methods, such as our company NexGenPro, which currently specializes in training technicians and business owners in the use of our system of tools and repair.

Glue Pull Repair (GPR) is one such method that streamlines the process of removing dents from damaged panels while keeping it pristine for years to come. But first – what is GPR, what is its potential for the industry, and more importantly, how do we at NexGenPro take glue pulling to the next level with our Miracle Glue System?

Glue Pull Repair

Glue Pull Repair (GPR) is a method of dent repair that uses glue tabs designed to adhere to a vehicle’s damaged panels. Combined with specialized pulling devices, GPR is one of the most simplistic and least intrusive methods on the market.
GPR first came into being at an auto body repair company called Wurth in Germany, 1999. Then in 2000 it was released to the public. Though the original design wasn’t quite as effective at the
time, GPR systems today have been innovated into a highly capable tool with a number of benefits that makes it stand apart from other panel repair equipment.
Panel repair is more complex than it looks after all. It’s more than just metal and bolts in there – with wiring, electronics, and insulation within, not to mention e-coatings and sensors on the exterior. Then there’s the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) paint and parts overall, which can lower the market worth of a vehicle if they’re replaced. If the damage to the plate and the
paint are extensive, key welding systems may be called for.
Thanks to GPR, technicians are able to use techniques and precision acquired through sufficient training to pull damage out of panels without causing inadvertent damage to any of these other factors, all while making it quick, efficient, and inexpensive. What’s more, the capabilities of glue-pull damage repair increases as innovation advances.
Yet, despite its potential, glue pulling has for too long been held apart from Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), due to the fact that PDR technicians are trained for years in how to use their equipment, and to use a GPR system for PDR would mean that same extensive training in a singular tool.

But what if glue pull was only one tool amidst a specialized panel repair system?


Miracle Glue System

Ever since the release of the first product, a number of auto body repair companies realized the potential that glue pulling had for the industry and set out to create a perfected version that would serve as a future framework for the method. More than 2 decades of innovation later, the tool and the techniques in its use have transformed GPR into a far more viable option.

The Miracle Glue System is the embodiment of that innovation.

Miracle Glue allows our technicians to pull out damaged areas with pinpoint precision without the need for aluminum welding. Powerful enough to tug the metal with a single pull, delicate enough to do so without damaging the OEM parts or paint in the process – and the large surface area of the glue pads reduces stretching.

With the right technique and training, Miracle Glue is arguably one of the most efficient options on the market.


The NexGenPro Difference

So what separates the NexGenPro system of repair from the rest? It’s a procedure that uses all of the Miracle Panel Repair System to the fullest extent of its abilities, including the Miracle Glue
System. Though it’s not our sole method of Paintless Dent Removal, it does present a viable option based on the extent of the damage.
When used with our other dent removal equipment, it allows us to do multiple glue pulls at the same time or keep the panel under tension. So while the glue system may not remove the need
for welding-based systems, they do go hand in hand.

Along with well-honed blending techniques, the NexGenPro system utilizes the efficiency and non-invasiveness of the Miracle Glue System to the best of its PDR capability to make repairs that minimize costs and maximize output. Though, it is true that a lot of skill is required to turn any type of glue pulling into an optimal PDR technique.
Seems only sensible then that NexGenPro has established a state-of-the-art training facility and academy that specializes in creating just that – a skill in operating the Miracle Glue System that maximizes its potential for PDR. And more importantly, efficiency and repair success is also increased when taught alongside the other panel repair tools and techniques of NexGen Academy.
Moreover, the NexGenPro Panel Repair School is more than just building up an understanding of one method of repair. Rather, it is establishing an all-encompassing system of knowledge that will last a lifetime – keeping you, your brand, and your technicians forever parallel with the future of the auto body repair industry.


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